Cerra, a family business

Cerra Cosmétiques is above all a meeting and a love story between Cécile and Raphaël , hence the name of our brand!

When our first daughter was born, and like most young parents, we felt the need to consume better, to participate in creating a healthier world. We therefore decided to combine our complementary skills: Cécile's doctorate in chemistry/biochemistry and Raphaël's master's degree in business, to create the Cerra Laboratory.

We decided to use Silk, a natural fiber with multiple virtues that you can discover here .

Our values: create and produce natural and organic cosmetics, effective, healthy for health and for the environment, with a lot of love and know-how and at affordable prices.

How to offer affordable prices for quality products?

  • We are producers , which means that our products are designed and produced in our laboratory. We control the entire production chain: research and purchase of raw materials, manufacturing of products (creams, milks, balms, etc.), potting, labeling and shipping.
  • We do not advertise. We prefer word of mouth and human contact . Advertising is generally the majority cost of a cosmetic product, and no advertising means less cost!

Discover and try our products, talk about them to those around you and to your local store, all this is made possible thanks to you!

Designed and produced entirely in our laboratory located in Avignon!

Our products are certified natural and organic by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Cosmos standard.

Our packaging is fully recyclable, has a low environmental impact, and there is no additional packaging!

Silk provides a silky, soft and non-sticky finish.

The fragrances of our products are 100% natural and light.